Giuseppe Grammatico

Throughout his career as a business leader, sales and marketing expert, and entrepreneur, Giuseppe Grammatico NJ Franchise ConsultantGiuseppe Grammatico NJ has been at the forefront of asset management and business incubation. He has been instrumental in the sale of billions of dollars in financial products and services for several investment corporations, and his own business ventures have assisted companies with growth and expansion.

From his home base in the greater New York City area, Giuseppe is the President of his own business as well as being an active philanthropist and community supporter.

Giuseppe Grammatico's Education and Early Work Experience

Mr. Grammatico got his start in business at an early age.  When he was only 17, he was named as the General Manager of his family’s New Jersey restaurant business.  Even at this age, his maturity and passion helped him to successfully help expand the restaurant’s operations. Along with training new employees and managing the complex nature of a busy neighborhood restaurant, Giuseppe also took on the responsibility of spearheading marketing efforts for the business, greatly expanding its market penetration in the area it served.

Prior to receiving formal business education, Giuseppe was selected to complete a three-year marketing sales associate internship with UBS Financial Services, one of the world’s largest financial institutions. During his internship, he qualified for and completed Series 7 and Series 66 financial certifications, a sizeable achievement for such a young person.

In 1999, Giuseppe Grammatico entered Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in the school’s Finance and Investments program.  His experience managing the family business and the rigorous training he received as an intern at UBS helped prepare him to excel in this program, and when he had finished, he was ready for more.  He enrolled in Rider’s Entrepreneurial Studies program, earning an MBA in the discipline.  Rider’s program is one of the most highly-respected such programs in the U.S., and the experience would help Giuseppe well into the future when he would apply his talents to help other companies get started.

Business Leadership in Sales and Investments

Upon completing his MBA, Giuseppe Grammatico took on a job as an investments wholesaler for Alliance Bernstein, a prominent financial firm. While he worked with the firm, he was an integral part of the company’s increased sales and revenue streams, selling over $1 billion in financial products as a wholesaler.  This figure represents a 200% revenue increase to the company’s financial services division, a testament to his expertise in sales and client relations.

He had two positions at JP Morgan Asset Management in New York City.  He first began working for the financial company as an investments wholesaler before transitioning to Sales Manager for one of the company’s divisions. As with his work at Alliance Bernstein, he became known for his keen ability to connect with new clients.  During his three years at JP Morgan, Giuseppe brought in well over 200 new clients as well as racking up in excess of $250 million in sales of financial products like retirement plans, mutual funds, and other investment packages. The sales operation during his tenure saw revenue boosts of 300%.

Giuseppe's Entrepreneurial Work

In 2007, Giuseppe took all of his varied business experiences and focused on creating his own company.  He established Grammatico Enterprises, Inc. This venture began as a small commercial cleaning business with steady growth.  After restructuring the company to an employee-based franchise model instead of local franchisees, he was able to guide the firm to explosive growth, seeing the company become a leader in the region for commercial cleaning services.  In the first year of the company’s operation, it saw $3 million in revenues.  Since 2007, when the company was founded, Grammatico Enterprises has enjoyed over $25 million in revenue. Giuseppe’s extensive knowledge in business and financial transactions along with his experience in sales, marketing, and investment, have helped the company position itself as a dominant leader in its industry.  In order to keep the company growing at a healthy, sustainable rate, he has worked closely with financial brokers, business consultants, and executive coaches across the country; his thirst for knowledge is eclipsed only by his drive for success.


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